Trusts and Inheritance Tax

HSC have a long history of administering and advising on various forms of trusts. In many cases Partners act as trustees, but we also act on instructions to help trustees or solicitors.

We are happy to provide quotes, without any obligation.

Areas where we can help

  • Trust and Estate Income Tax Returns — the basic form includes 12 pages now for the simplest trust, with additional sheets for any Capital Gains, rent or foreign income etc. The 11 page tax calculation guide is essential for any discretionary or accumulation and maintenance trust. Our software quickly generates these forms on computer.
  • Tax Returns to the date of death are quickly and efficiently produced by our Tax Department and any problems solved by negotiation with the Inland Revenue.
  • Income Tax Returns for the administration period are easy with our Trust Department's software; we also produce Form 922A and/or B if needed.
  • Capital Gains Tax computations and negotiations.
  • Beneficiaries' Tax Certificates and Tax Repayment Claims.
  • Computerised cash books and investment ledgers, general trust administration, if required.
  • Receivership accounts for the Court of Protection.
  • Trust Accounts, Annual or Periodic, are an everyday part of the service, if required.
  • Inheritance Tax Returns and all correspondence on this subject.
  • General advice on minimising tax in Estates or when Trusts are wound up, e.g. by best timing of asset sales or maximising claims for lower Probate values for qualifying investments sold at a loss within a year of death.

Our Estate Accounts set out fully and clearly the assets at death, tax payable, gains made and expenses paid, and all Estate income. We ensure that the Distribution Account clearly sets out what each beneficiary will receive and why. If necessary, a further clear statement explains why the final cheque differs from the Accounts, for instance, if closing interest is received. We try to ensure that the notes to our Estate Accounts explain everything they need to know in a way lay beneficiaries will understand.

How to get hold of us

For help in any of the above areas, please speak to Matt Needham or Lucy Payne to discuss your needs entirely without obligation.

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