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1. Bookkeeping and accountancy services

  • Operation of client bank accounts including cheque writing, acting as authorised signatories to settle authorised bank payments, etc.
  • Operation of client's total finance function including payment of invoices and debt collection.
  • Maintenance of all accounting records including cash books, purchases (accounts payable), sales (accounts receivable) and nominal (general) ledgers on our in house systems.
  • Provision of advice on VAT (Value Added Tax) matters and preparation of VAT returns.
  • VAT compliance health checks.
  • Operation of financial control over the client business.

2. Payroll

  • Any period including weekly, fortnightly, four weekly and monthly payroll.
  • Completion of statutory annual returns P35, P60, P9d, P11d etc.
  • Maintenance of employee records
  • PAYE / NIC compliance health checks

3. Management accounting

  • Preparation of regular management accounts.
  • Preparation of budgets, business plans, cash flow forecasts, etc.
  • Provision of commentaries and analysis of variations against budget, cash flow forecast, etc.

4. Management information systems

  • Design and tailoring of management reporting to meet the needs of the business.
  • Interpretation of management information on a regular basis.
  • Provision of commentaries indicating strengths and weaknesses of the business and therefore areas requiring attention.

5. Information technology consultancy and support

  • Assistance with selection, sourcing, installation and upgrading of systems hardware and software.
  • Support and maintenance of proprietary software
  • Writing bespoke computer packages to suit individual client needs

6. Attendance at client offices

  • Attendance at board meetings in the role of financial controller or ‘finance director'.
  • Interview and counselling sessions with client staff in connection with management information, performance against budgets etc.

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