The Licensed Trade

HSC are chartered accountants to the Licenced Trade. We know your trade - we know your problems - we know how to help.

1. The Licenced Trade is changing

How should you approach the future, and what business structure should you adopt? Sole Trader? Partnership? Limited Company? And are salaries better than dividends? We will advise.

2. Your own business is changing

As a business man first, and a licencee second, you need more than a book-keeping service, you need business advice, accountancy advice, tax advice, financial advice, we provide this to your industry.

3. Legislation is changing

The attitude of Customs and Excise, the Inland Revenue, and the Banks has tightened.

Cash businesses are declared ‘targets'. You need professional tax planning for Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and assistance in the event of enquiries or investigations. We have the experience.

4. The future is changing

You will need management accounts and budgetary control, possibly advice on IT and computerised systems. You will need a business plan and a method of monitoring its progress. We are here to help.

We currently work for many firms within the Licenced Trade and consider ourselves to be an active partner in their businesses.

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