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Tax Investigation Service

September 2009

We would invite our clients to join our Tax Investigation Scheme which will protect you against the costs of an investigation into your affairs by the HM Revenue and Customs.

In April 2009, HM Revenue & Customs were granted increased powers and a stricter penalty regime designed to collect more money from businesses and individuals. As a result they now have the power to simply turn up on your doorstep and demand to review your accounting records, no matter how careful you or your accountant have been.

In our opinion it is even more important for you to subscribe to our tax investigation service.

We have taken out an insurance policy with Professional Fee Protection Limited to enables us to offer you the “HSC Tax Investigation Service”; this can protect you against the huge financial implications of an investigation or dispute with the tax authorities.

Because we can recover the cost of representing you from our policy, in most cases you pay nothing at all, which can save you thousands.

This year we have negotiated cover with no excess and cover for PAYE/VAT compliance visits where it is considered necessary for professional representation at the time.

Partners /Directors Cover

Where a partnership or limited company join the scheme you may also make a claim in the event of either an aspect or fully enquiry into the personal returns of partners and directors and their spouses or company secretaries. This automatic cover does not extend to rental income in excess of £50,000 per annum (before expenses) or any other business activities.

We are sure that you would prefer to pay a nominal fee per year and have the peace of mind, knowing that should you have an investigation or dispute with the HMRC, there are no extra accountancy fees to worry about

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