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Small Business Rate Relief - Application Deadline England

August 2006

The deadline for submitting applications for Small Business Rate Relief 2005/2006 in England is 30 September 2006.

The amount of relief that you may be able to claim depends on the rateable value of all the business properties that you own.

If the rateable value of all properties you own is below £5000 (In Scotland £3,000) you will be eligible for a 50% relief. This reduces as the rateable value rises.

For owners of new business premises please note the following quote from the Government's web site:

Assuming a business meets the eligibility criteria, the relief can only be granted if the property the business occupies is on the rating list from 1 April. The date of occupation of the property is irrelevant, the key date is the effective date given to the property in the rating list. If the property has an effective date after 1 April, then the relief can only be applied for from 1 April of the following year.

Forms are reasonably easy to complete, if you need help please call. For smaller business property owners this is a relief not to be missed.

Scotland has a separate scheme which has been in place since 1 April 2003. There are no specific deadlines for applications, which can be made by calling the appropriate rating authority and requesting an application form.

There is no small business rate relief scheme in operation in Wales.

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