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New Information to disclose on your website and email

Jan 07


From the first of January 2007 companies must include certain information on their website as required by the new Companies Act 2006. In summary this includes:

  • The company's name.
  • The company's registered office address.
  • The company's place of registration and registration number.(i.e. registered in England and Wales, or Scotland, company registered number 10101010)
  • If the company is an investment company a statement to that effect must be included.
  • If the company is exempt from the obligation to use the word "Limited" as part of its name, it must state elsewhere that it is a limited company.

This information must also appear on Company business letterhead and Company order forms. Additionally EU regulations require the Company VAT registration number to be posted on the site.


Email could be considered your electronic letterhead. Consequently the information required for Company letterhead is also required to be shown on Company emails - normally as footer text displayed below the email signature. There are other European directives that require the VAT registration number to be included.

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