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Do I pay NIC after retirement date?

July 2006

The quick answer is no, but that is not the whole story!

For those of us who intend to work until we drop the payment of National Insurance contributions does change after you pass the statutory retirement date.

For men: Pensionable age is reached at age 65 years.

For women: Pensionable age is 60 years if born before 6 April 1950, 65 years if born after 5 April 1955, with a sliding scale in between those dates.

If you are employed you will pay no employee's National Insurance after you reach the appropriate retirement date. However, your employer will continue to pay secondary contributions for as long as you continue to work.

If you are self-employed your flat rate Class 2 contributions will cease after you reach retirement age. The same applies to Class 4 earnings related contributions.

Therefore individuals will cease to pay contributions after they reach retirement age. Employers will continue to pay their contribution, no change!

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