IR35 Contractors

New or existing contractors, we have the experience and expertise to help you. We can guide you through the initial set up of your company or transfer you from an accountant you have become dissatisfied with.

We offer an initial free consultation where we can chat through your needs.

Why Our Service is Needed

Contracting through a limited company is still advantageous but with the introduction of the Revenue and Customs IR35 legislation there are many more factors to be considered before determining the way your company should be run and operated. Factors such as employment status, taking salary or dividends, claiming expenses, pension and personal, and company tax planning. These factors are also frequently changing. Recently, there has been new pension legislation introduced and currently there is a case which will shortly be heard in the House of Lords concerning the payment of dividends to a contractor's spouse. We will help you with all these areas and keep you informed of any relevant changes in all these areas.

We believe that it is vital for you as a contractor to use the services of an accountant who is not only a specialist in your industry but also experienced in the wider issues likely to affect either yourself as director or your company. - Enter Hilton Sharp & Clarke.

How the Service Works

We can form your company and provide the registered office. We advise on the appointment of directors and the company secretary and the allocation of shares, all with an eye on the tax implications. If appropriate, the company is registered for VAT and we handle all the calculations and quarterly returns, as part of the inclusive fee. It is likely the company should be registered for VAT and we can help organise this and advise on the most appropriate scheme for your company.

We will discuss with you your employment status as a contractor under the IR35 legislation and from this salary and dividend options can be considered. Emphasis is placed on a corporate and personal tax planning strategy designed to maximise rewards while working within the current regulatory framework. We have also developed our own bookkeeping system to help you. A CD ROM will enable you to record your company's transactions simply and easily. It is designed to minimise the time you spend dealing with the company records.

The information can then be sent or emailed to us on a quarterly basis together with invoices and receipts to enable us to complete the company's VAT return. From this we can then produce the company's annual accounts on our in-house computer system. Help and advice is always available either at the end of a phone, face-to-face or via email. Regular e-mailed newsletters keep you up to date with tax planning tips and general business news.

This package has become very popular.

The Benefits of Our Service to You

The benefits may simply be seen as financial and whilst these can be substantial we believe that there are more than just financial benefits to be gained from using us.

We will of course deal with the H M Revenue and Customs and Companies House saving you a great deal of 'hassle' and time. We will prepare all the statutory returns required - and in good time and we will give you whatever planning advice is required.

But, it's the way we do it. We are specialists so we understand your language and your own unique problems. Above all we are friendly, informal and accessible. "A friend and adviser in a hostile world" is the way one client describes us.

And all for a Fixed Fee too.

What to do Next

If you are thinking of becoming a contractor, moving up from using a bookkeeper, or changing your accountant to an industry specialist, you should take action. You can speak to our partner Roger Moore who can discuss your needs and your circumstances with you.

This initial call or meeting is always on a no obligation no fee basis.

More detailed information can be found in our Operating Guide for Contractors

Operating Guide for Contractors - Download 151k PDF Document

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