HSC are confident that they can act for all size of charity clients having gained considerable experience in the charity field. With a wide and diverse range of charitable clients from the arts through community care, from the very small to National organisations, the firm wholly understands the implications and regulations under which the charity operates.

Having such a diverse existing portfolio of charity clients, some being governed by specialised regulations eg Housing Associations and Friendly & Industrial Provident Societies, HSC are able to advise their individual charity clients, both large and small, as to what advantages they can take and what recommendations they need to consider.

With the charity sector having experienced a fundamental change in its regulatory framework, HSC have, through their training, ensured that their staff are familiar with the full extent of the reporting regulations and that they can recognise the specific requirements imposed by an individual charity's own constitution.

We would be happy to discuss your charity needs. For further information please contact David Bishop .


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