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Hilton Sharp & Clarke IT logoBelow are some of the services HSC IT can offer you.


HSC IT can offer various levels of support from unlimited support to ad hoc support and cover for internal IT staff.
If you are a small to medium sized business it can be cost prohibitive to hire a full time IT employee. Outsourcing to HSC provides you with a complete team for a fraction of the cost.
Alternatively If you are an IT manager you can quickly bolt on our outsourced IT service for a small monthly fixed fee, providing you with greater flexibility should the need for assistance in supporting your daily requests arise or in the event of sickness \ holiday cover. Having backup for your internal IT can accelerate fault finding and resolution.

Cloud Services

Integrating cloud services into your IT infrastructure is easier than you might think.
Whether you choose to host all your services in the cloud or just a few, more and more businesses are benefiting from Cloud Services, Don’t get left behind. If your IT systems are out of date, unsecure, cumbersome to access when away from the office then a cloud service can easily help overcome these issues and are generally cheaper than buying new hardware for your office. The biggest advantage with cloud services is having the ability to access your data anywhere in the world on almost any device with an internet connection, having your data stored in a secure facility with automatic backups reduces the stress of maintaining this yourself. For more information on what HSC IT can do to bring your business into the cloud please contact HSC IT.

Security Services

With the current threat of viruses to businesses being very high it is vital that you have adequate measures in place to prevent these from entering your IT systems. HSC IT can help you decide what software to use, install and roll out to all IT devices, we can also help also apply security policies on your computer systems to stop unauthorised software from running from common locations that viruses use. On top of this your organization needs email and spam filters to protect you, these will help stop viruses at the point they are trying to access your systems. Speak to HSC IT for more information.

Backup and disaster recovery services

HSC IT believe that the most important part of your IT system is backups, with over 15 years’ experience they have witnessed multiple scenarios from user’s accidently deleting files to complete system failures. Having a robust backup solution in place will safeguard you and your business against any unforeseen scenario. Speak to HSC IT for more information.


HSC IT Limited can offer a software package designed exclusively for your company requirements, Michael Wildman has over 20 years’ experience in developing software for small and medium sized businesses. If you have found that there is no software on the market that will suit your organization please get in touch to find out more, We understand that bespoke software is generally seen as an expensive option however we are used to working with small businesses and may be able to work within your budget requirements.

HSC IT have also developed software that you may find useful for your business including FlickThru, a paperless office system and MailSafe, for email archiving and compliance.

More information

HSC can arrange for a free, no obligation assessment of your current IT systems.
HSC IT will offer discounted rates for existing hilton sharp & clarke customers.
For more information please contact a member of the team or visit

HSC IT is headed by Michael Wildman and Mark Roberts who between them have over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of IT systems.

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