Cloud Accounting

If you want your business to be able to work faster and smarter, cloud accounting is a wise investment and here at HSC we love it. Cloud Accounting simply put is an online bookkeeping package that stores your company’s data in the cloud rather than on a desktop computer, you can access your data on any device that is internet enabled.

We can access your data at the same time as you giving us live information of what is going on in your business. This allows us to play a more active role in your business and give advice throughout the year rather than working with historical data a number of months later.

The benefits of cloud accounting packages are:-

  • Bank level security of your data keeping your financial information private
  • A secure backup of your accounting information to prevent loss of data no more hassle of looking for USB sticks that will get lost
  • Multi user access included so key people of the business can now view transactions whenever they choose keeping the whole business together
  • Low initial start up costs due to the subscription nature initial large upfront software costs can be removed completely
  • On going software development with constant live updates, no longer will you have to purchase a new version each year
  • Live feeds to other online information avoiding the need for human input freeing up your time to run the business better

We work closely with four of the main providers in the cloud accounting market so please visit our pages to find out more about their specific capabilities.

As with any of our services we can tailor them to your exact needs. Once we have selected the provider that is right for your business we can discuss any other services you may require. We find with our existing clients the most common are:-

We would be pleased to offer a completely free trial on any of our systems. If you require any further information please contact Tom Bowen or request we contact you using the box below.

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