Strategic Planning

Running your own company takes so much time and energy it's hard to step back and be truly objective about your business and strategy. You can be too close and too busy to see what you business really needs.

Our business development team will identify ways you can add value to your business:

  • How can I attract more customers?
  • How can I make the company more profitable?
  • How can I make the company attractive to potential buyers?

We can help

Professional business advisors - Barclay Thompson and Jonathan Wood - will analyse your unique set of challeges and work with you to create clear, practical plans to secure your company's success.

Between them, Barclay and Jonathan have more than 45 years hands-on experience running and advising successful companies.

Services Offered

  • Marketing and sales, strategy and operations
  • Management and business restructuring
  • Financial and funding needs
  • Adding value and readying your company for sale
  • Product development, marketing and launch services


Hilton Sharp & Clarke